There’s an abundance of charm hiding beneath the exterior of the unassuming indie game, Dave The Diver. At first glance, it might appear as a simple, fun adventure, yet a deeper exploration reveals an enthralling underwater experience.

Story and Characters

The game centers around the eponymous hero, Dave, an overweight SCUBA diver, leading a group of eclectic characters who run a sushi bar by a mysterious underwater phenomenon called the Blue Hole. The delightful absurdity of the plot serves as a backdrop for an assortment of missions involving a secret merfolk society, overzealous wildlife protection enthusiasts, and the ever-entertaining task of managing personal insults aimed at Dave's physique.

The clever writing serves to flesh out the game's characters, ushering in a new depth to the storyline. Even with over 30 hours of gameplay, you tend to develop a soft spot for characters like Banchi, the sushi chef, and Duff, the gunsmith. Skit-like cutscenes enrich the narrative experience, ensuring repeated viewings remain entertaining and engaging.

The Blue Hole Adventure

Exploring the Blue Hole is an adventure in itself. Lurking beneath the surface are countless species of aquatic life, ancient ruins, and formidable bosses - each encounter playing out like a game of aquatic hide-and-seek. The combat system is satisfying in its simplicity, and the strategy involved in trying to capture creatures with minimal force adds an intriguing layer of complexity.

Gameplay and Strategy

Choosing the right weapon for each dive is key, as strategy varies greatly with your selection. The thrill of using a long-range rifle, a tranquilizer dart gun, or getting up close with a shotgun varies the gameplay significantly.


Dave The Diver is a delightful package of exploration, strategy, and a genuinely compelling storyline peppered with humor and over-the-top scenarios. While it may demand considerable time and requires patience to uncover all its treasures, the experiences, the relationships, and the engagement it offers make it not just worth trying but also worth investing in.


  • Multi-layered gameplay involving intriguing exploration and management
  • Richly developed characters and a deceptively deep storyline
  • Variety of weapon options leading to diverse and innovative strategies.


  • The repeated pattern of dodging, shooting, and fleeing can become monotonous
  • The game requires substantial time investment to fully explore
  • The humor, while charming, might not cater to all players.

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