Bluey has captivated audiences across Australia and beyond with its heartwarming episodes and relatable storytelling. This captivating animated treasure has effortlessly won over both kids and adults, carving a special place in their hearts. With anticipation usually reserved for the next big blockbuster, Bluey: The Videogame arrives, promising to translate the charm and appeal of the beloved show into a gaming adventure. Does it succeed in reflecting the deep and captivating experience provided by the series, or does it fail to meet expectations?

Visually Pleasing Replication of Bluey's Universe

One can't help but commend Bluey: The Videogame for its graphical fidelity to the show. The team at Artax Games has skillfully created a game that successfully emulates the show's unique 2D animated visuals, employing vivid and striking designs to animate the gaming experience. From the well-known Heeler home to the wider world, these settings gain a new dimension in a 2.5D rendering that respects the original look.

Lively Characters and Authentic Voices

In addition to the graphics, fans will be thrilled to find the original voices to the game, enhancing its authenticity. The characters' animations are meticulous, to the extent that it often feels like you are part of the show. This high level of detail ensures that for fans of the series, the visual experience is undeniably delightful.

Short and Sweet, Maybe Too Short

When diving into gameplay, one can't miss the elephant in the room - Bluey: The Videogame is a brief excursion. Costing quite a penny, the game offers a quick run-through that could leave players, especially parents, questioning its value. Players can swiftly navigate the core storyline in under an hour and swiftly gather collectibles soon after, resulting in an experience that seems more transient than satisfying.

Struggling With Controls and Co-Op Chaos

Additionally, the actual gameplay swings between amiable amusement and sheer annoyance. Teaming up in co-op mode with younger players may sound fun, but it's marred by imprecise controls and puzzling interactions, often revolving around mundane tasks such as furniture manipulation. Platforming within the 2.5D spaces lacks finesse, and with multiple players, the journey turns chaotic, sometimes resulting in everyone being stuck in a tussle over who can collect items faster or clear a section first.

A Collection of Mini-Games

Bluey: The Videogame does introduce a medley of mini-games - ranging from Keepy Uppy to Chattermax Chase - that offer brief diversions. Although these elements align with the show's whimsical nature, they are afflicted by the same problems that beset the fundamental gameplay. Whether it's underwhelming mechanics or encountering glitches, it's clear that these diversions could have benefited from further polish.

Conclusion: A Reflection of a Beloved Show, but Lacking Depth

Despite its exemplary attempt to capture the show's artistic charm, Bluey: The Videogame struggles to deliver a compelling gaming experience that justifies its price. While it might enthrall fans with its faithful adaptation, the game is ultimately stifled by its length, uninspired gameplay, and a host of frustrating issues. Bluey's digital outing seems to rest on the laurels of its televised counterpart, offering what feels more like a light snack when a wholesome meal is expected.


  • Faithful replication of the show's bright and appealing 2D animation
  • Original voice cast enhances the feeling that you're part of an episode
  • Visually pleasing 2.5D environments that retain the show's aesthetic.


  • Disappointing gameplay length relative to its cost.

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